Effortless Oral Health.

Empower your patients with the Samba Robotic Toothbrush.

Groundbreaking Technology for Effortless Cleaning

Samba is a game-changer for your patients. Designed to make oral care more accessible to everyone, especially those with limited mobility or dexterity, Samba employs revolutionary technology to ensure a thorough and effective clean every time.

12,900 Soft Bristles that do the Work for You.

The Deepest Clean a Mouth can have.

A traditional toothbrush head is about 20mm wide, making it extremely hard to clean the thin space between your teeth. Samba’s bristles are grouped into 1.8mm-wide columns, allowing them to clean deep where many oral diseases originate.

Only 30 Seconds per Side

Two minutes is needed when you brush one surface at a time. With 36 surfaces brushed at the same time, fresher breath is just a minute away. No two mouths are the same. That’s why we designed the brush head with remarkable flexibility to adapt to any mouth, no matter its size or shape.

Groundbreaking Technology. Forgroundbreaking Cleaning

Engineered to give you independence, Samba employs a first-of-its-kind combination of both low and high frequency oscillations to drive 12,900 soft bristles along your teeth, eliminating the need to move your hand and allowing you to maintain a healthier mouth.

Soft on the Gums.
Hard on Plaque.

Apply too much pressure and you risk hurting your gums. Too little and you leave plaque behind. Samba features a remarkable arrangement of 17 micro-brushes, each armed with 790 soft bristles designed to embrace the teeth with the perfect amount of pressure, so you no longer have to guess.

Samba is a game-changer in oral care, empowering patients of all abilities to achieve exceptional cleaning.

Featured as one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2023, Samba addresses a critical gap in oral hygiene – ensuring everyone, regardless of dexterity or mobility, receives the care they deserve.